Verbal Judo for Business?

"Opportunity favors the prepared mind."

Team building is essential to running a great business yet it is inevitable that at points your team may not all agree on the topic at hand. How do you make sure that all parties are heard without the situation escalating? What about an irate customer? Or a difficult employee situation? 


With Verbal Judo techniques.

From our clients

Girls High School PMB

Verbal Judo enables staff to deal with disciplinary issues in a respectful, consistent and effective manner

Parents of child with ADD

The rules are very basic and so easy to keep. Our entire household is happier and the relationship with my daughter has improved immensely thanks to you and Verbal Judo.

Dr B Schoenfeld

Howick Day Clinic

We found this course to be most informative, well presented and useful in the context of our work as healthcare professionals 

Road Traffic Inspectorate (RTI) PMB

Reports from the field indicate that the methods taught on these courses are working, thereby enhancing the positive image of the RTI

Uganda National Police Training

Verbal Judo will revolutionize the UPF making their work safer, more effective, and more efficient


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